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Trident Automatic Tube Puller for Fast and Reliable Tube Removal

Continuous and Stub Removal from 12.5mm to 76mm Tubes in Various Environments

The TRIDENT Tube Puller is a fast and dependable Automatic Tube Pulling machine and is designed for continuous, and stub removal of tubes from Heat Exchangers, Condensers and Boilers.

Using our tried and tested extraction system, tubes can be continuously pulled from between 12.5mm OD. (½”) and 76mm OD. (3”)** at up to 5 m/Min*, a choice of 15, 30 & 45 Ton pulling ram options are available.

Easily adapted for Stub Pulling, TRIDENT uses simple attachments to remove tube stubs where access or tube diameter prevents continuous tube removal.

*Achieved with the 15Ton Pulling Ram
**Achieved with the 45Ton Pulling Ram

  • Whatever your working environment we have a Powerpack option to suit.
  • We offer a 380 – 415 Volt 3 Phase Electric Powerpack for workshop and low-hazard areas, or a Fully Pneumatic 6.5HP Powerpack, designed especially for use in hazardous environments, like petrochemical refineries where spark risks are present. A Pneumatic machine with 24 Volt electric controls is also available on request for Semi-Hazardous or humid environments.
  • TRIDENT is truly essential equipment for fast turnaround jobs where time is money and reliability is essential.
  • Electric or Pneumatic Power Options Available
  • 15 Ton, 30 Ton, or 45 Ton Rams Available
  • Automatic
  • 1/2" to 3" Continuous Tube Pulling

Comparison chart


Trident Automatic Puller

Javelin Semi-Auto Puller
Pulling Ram Options

15 Ton Force - 5M/Min Free Pull Speed 
30 Ton Force - 3M/Min Free Pull Speed 
45 Ton Force - 1.5M/Min Free Pull Speed 

30 Ton Force - 1.25M/Min Free Pull Speed 
60 Ton Force - 0.6 M/Min Free Pull Speed 

Pulling Type

Automatic Continuous

Semi-Automatic Continuous

Power Pack Weight (with oil)

200 Kg (440 Lbs)

75 Kg (165 Lbs)

Max. Operating Pressure

300 Bar (4,350 psi)

700 Bar (10,150 psi)

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