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One Rev Tube Cutter: Internal Cutting for Steel and Non-Ferrous Tubes

Achieve Accurate Tube Cutting with Manual Operation and Adjustable Tube Sheet Compatibility

The One Revolution type cutter is a specialized cutting tool ideal for the precise cutting of both steel and non-ferrous tubes, commonly used in condensers, heat exchangers, and boilers. Its versatility shines through its ability to be adjusted to accommodate varying tube sheet thicknesses, ranging from 2" to 6" (50.8mm - 152.4mm), with extended tools also available upon request. This efficient cutter is specifically designed for hand operation, offering the choice of using either a ratchet or hand wrench for manual control. However, it's important to note that this tool is not suitable for use with power tools. The unique mechanism of the One Revolution cutter involves a clockwise turning motion, which brings the cutter tip into contact with the inside of the tube. As the tip punctures the tube, it locks in position, facilitating a smooth and secure cut as the tool continues to rotate. With its reliable and straightforward operation, the One Revolution type cutter stands as an indispensable tool for achieving clean and accurate cuts in various industrial applications.

  • Suitable for cutting steel and non-ferrous tubes used in condensers, heat exchangers, and boilers.
  • Adjustable to tube sheet thickness from 2” to 6” (50.8mm – 152.4mm).
  • Extended reach tools are available on request.
  • Designed for hand operation using either a ratchet or a hand wrench. Not suitable for use with a power tool.
  • Operated by turning the tool clockwise, this brings the cutter tip into contact with the inside of the tube, the tip punctures the tube and locks in position to cut through the tube as it turns.


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