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IPX1 & IPX4 Tube Plugs

The installation set consists of a hydraulic ram and hose with an air-driven hydraulic foot pump. The set is supplied in a robust plastic trolley case. The ram is specially designed to install the IPX1 & IPX4 Plugs and a high level of safety was taken into account in this design.

The ram has a robust breakout protection as standard. In the most extreme case, this prevents the pull rod from coming out of the ram. It is possible to remove this breakout protection when working in very small or limited spaces. In addition, the ram always installs the plug in one go. This saves time, prevents human error, improves the performance of the IPX1 & IPX4 Plugs, and prevents damage to the tools.


Before the tube or tube sheet is safely sealed, the inside must be brushed. The plug brush has been developed for 3 applications:

  • Cleaning, removal of deposits, pitting, and oxidation/corrosion
  • Re-rounding the tube or tube sheet hole
  • Roughening the material surface so that the plug gets a good grip.

Two versions of brushes are available: an HT brush for hard materials and a brush for soft materials. The brushes are available in three ways: separately or as a kit within the IPX4 size range. In addition, we supply the brushes as a complete set in a case. Enabling you to always have the correct brush size at hand.


To install a plug, a complete pull rod is required. If necessary, a pull rod extension can be added. The pull rod extension is used if water boxes, channel heads, and/ or baffles are present or with Air Fin Coolers. The extension is connected to the (standard) complete pull rod. The pull rod extension is available as standard in lengths of 300mm. This allows the user to build up the complete system in steps to the desired length.


In rare cases, it may be necessary to remove plugs. For example, if the pipe is insufficiently pre-processed or is cracked/ torn during excessive (post-) rolling. With the plug removal tool, plugs can be removed evenly, quickly, and easily. This manual tool consists of one whole piece that makes it strong, robust, and durable.

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