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KSP Manual Tube Puller: Easy and Economical Tube Removal Tool

Simplify Tube Removal with a Durable and Hand-Operated Solution

The KSP has been designed to make tube removal easy and economical when carrying out small quantity or hard to reach tube pulls.

Standard range of manual tube pullers is 1/2" to 1". If your tube size is out of this scope, please contact us and we can review and quote.

  • Simply insert the spear into the tube and thread it in with a hand wrench until it has enough grip to extract the tube.
  • Use another hand wrench on the black hex at the rear and this will press the front collar up against the tube sheet and allow the spear to pull the tube out.
  • No external power is required.
  • Durable - All parts made out of high strength steel and are heat treated.

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