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Metrology Measuring Equipment: Precision Tools for the Heat Exchanger Industry

Ensuring Accurate Measurements and Quality Control in Heat Exchanger Applications

We supply the heat exchanger industry with metrology equipment, such as vernier calipers, outside micrometers, and 3-point bore gauges.

Bore gauges and ID gauges are commonly used in the heat exchanger industry as they are designed for dimensional measurement or assessment of the internal diameter of components. Most commonly they'll be used for measuring the tube sheet hole prior to expanding a tube in place, and then used to measure the tube ID after expansion to ensure correct expansion.

These 3-point bore gauges have three contact points mounted on an arm that expands out from a central point. These can detect lobe or out-of-roundness conditions, which is an advantage over 2-point ID gauges. Available in analogue or digital with some digital gauges offering data transfer via Bluetooth to spreadsheets for mapping, reporting, and providing control charts for QA processes.

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