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Tube End Facer: Precision Tool for Protrusion Adjustment and Tube End Facing

Efficient and Versatile for Tube Installation and Maintenance Needs

The Tube End Facer is a versatile tool designed for facing back tubes after installation. It is adjustable to accommodate the desired length of protrusion, allowing precise and uniform facing of tube ends. The Tube End Facer can be driven with either a Pneumatic or Electric drill motor, providing flexibility in its operation. The tool utilizes various pilots to match the tube gauge thickness, ensuring accurate and consistent results. Additionally, there are cutters available specifically designed for use on Stainless Steel tubes, offering efficient and effective facing in such applications. With its adjustable features and compatibility with different drill motors, the Tube End Facer is an invaluable tool for achieving smooth and properly faced tube ends in a variety of installations.

  • For facing back tubes after installation. Adjustable for length of protrusion.
  • The Tube End Facer can be driven with a Pneumatic or Electric drill motor.
  • The tool uses various pilots to match tube gauge thickness.
  • Cutters available for use on Stainless Steel.

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