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Tube Sheet Grooving Tool: Precision Groove Cutting for Accurate Hole Configurations

Efficient Groove Cutting with Adjustable Depth and Custom Options

The Tube Sheet Grooving Tools are specifically designed for cutting grooves in tube sheet holes, providing precise and adjustable cutting depths. The cutting depth of the grooving tool can be adjusted within the range of 22.5mm to 54.0mm, allowing flexibility to meet specific project requirements. The standard grooving configuration is 3-6-3, which consists of a 3mm groove, 6mm space, and another 3mm groove. However, other configurations can be made available as a special order to accommodate different groove specifications. Additionally, as an optional feature, circumferential rollers can be specified to extend the mandrel life, enhancing the longevity and durability of the tool. With their customizable cutting depths and available options, the Tube Sheet Grooving Tools offer efficient and reliable solutions for cutting grooves in tube sheet holes, catering to various industrial applications.

  • The grooving tool allows the cutting of grooves in tube sheet holes, cutting depth can be adjusted
    from 22.5mm to 54.0mm.
  • Standard grooving configuration of 3-6-3. 3mm groove, 6mm space then another 3mm groove. Other
    configurations are available as a special order.
  • Circumferential Rollers can be specified as an option to extend mandrel life.

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