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Clamshell Add-ons

Clamshell Add-ons are valuable accessories designed to enhance clamshell machines' performance and versatility. The Reaction Ring (ORR) ensures stability for super heavy applications with thick-walled and hard alloy pipes, increasing cutting and bevelling rigidity while saving costs compared to all-steel clamshells. The Universal Counterbore Attachment enables precise counterboring of tube and pipe inside diameters. Rugged Tool Slides in standard sizes (1", 3", and 6") offer strength and durability. Out-of-Round Tool Slides handle misshapen tubes with springs and a tracking module. The Flange Facing Bridge Cross Slide quickly facilitates flange-facing and heavy wall machining. The Support Hinge enables convenient folding and unfolding, aiding crane and lift use. These add-ons are indispensable for various industrial applications.

  1. Reaction Ring for Heavy Wall Applications: The Reaction Ring (ORR) is a crucial add-on for handling super heavy applications with thick-walled and hard alloy pipes. Manufactured from steel, it enhances both axial and linear stability by mounting on the rear of the aluminium ring. Additionally, the ORR comes equipped with four steel location stabilisers, further enhancing the machine's range and rigidity for heavy-duty applications. By incorporating the ORR, the clamshell machine significantly increases cutting and bevelling rigidity while also saving costs compared to purchasing clamshells made completely of steel. It is a cost-effective and dependable solution for managing robust and challenging projects.

  2. Universal Counterbore Attachment: Designed for precision counterboring of tube and pipe inside diameters, the Universal Counterbore Attachment is an essential tool for achieving accurate results. This attachment includes both 6" and 10" long sleeves and connects directly to all split-face clamshells, offering precise control using a simple hand wheel. Whether mounted to the tool slide or the bridge cross slide, the attachment enables operators to achieve perfectly counterbored holes, adding to the overall versatility and value of the clamshell machine.

  3. Tool Slides: Built with ruggedness, strength, and durability in mind, the Tool Slides are essential add-ons that complement the capabilities of the clamshell machine. Available in standard sizes of 1", 3", and 6", these tool slides provide flexibility in various machining tasks. When you need sturdy and reliable support for cutting, beveling, or other operations, the Tool Slides deliver. Their robust construction ensures consistent performance even under demanding conditions, making them indispensable components for a wide range of applications.

  4. Out-of-Round Tool Slides: Dealing with misshapen tubes and pipes is no longer a challenge with the Out-of-Round Tool Slides. This specialised add-on offers a solution for handling irregularly shaped or less than perfectly round pipes. Featuring durable springs and a tracking module, the Out-of-Round Tool Slides efficiently follow the contours of the deformed pipe, ensuring precise cutting and machining. Built with the same emphasis on quality, strength, and durability as the standard Tool Slides, this add-on is a valuable asset when working with challenging pipe geometries.

  5. Flange Facing Bridge Cross Slide: For flange-facing or single-point heavy wall machining, the Flange Facing Bridge Cross Slide is an indispensable addition to the clamshell machine. Compatible with all our clamshell machines, this add-on quickly attaches to existing clamshell bolt holes, allowing for rapid setup and operation. It streamlines the flange-facing process and ensures accurate and efficient machining. Whether you're working with large-diameter pipes or heavy-duty flanges, the Flange Facing Bridge Cross Slide provides a reliable solution for achieving precise results.

  6. Support Hinge: The Support Hinge is a practical accessory that simplifies the folding and unfolding of the clamshell machine. Its design facilitates easy and convenient operation, saving time and effort during setup and storage. Additionally, the Support Hinge enables the use of cranes and lifts, making it easier to move and position the clamshell machine for various tasks. By enhancing mobility and usability, this add-on further enhances the overall efficiency and productivity of the clamshell machine.

Incorporating these Clamshell Add-ons into your equipment arsenal allows you to maximise the potential of your clamshell machine and tackle an even broader range of projects with confidence and precision. Each add-on addresses specific challenges, making them indispensable tools for various heavy-duty industrial applications.

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