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Push Type Tube Cutter: Internal Tube Cutting with Precision

Streamline Your Tube Cutting Tasks with Adjustable Depth and Precision Cuts

The Push Type Cutter is a versatile and efficient cutting tool designed to be driven by either a Pneumatic or Electric drill motor. Its operation is based on spring-loaded cutters that can be adjusted for depth, allowing for precise and controlled cutting. This ingenious tool excels in its ability to cut when pressure is applied during use, making it easy to achieve clean and accurate results. The Universal Push Cutter is suitable for tube sizes starting from 12.5mm ID, ensuring its utility in a wide range of applications. Moreover, the tool boasts a generous 6" cutting reach as standard, while longer lengths can be accommodated upon request. The Push Type Cutter stands out with its versatility, as the listed tools are 'universal,' featuring interchangeable pilots that cover a range of thicknesses.

For more specific needs, solid body tools tailored to a particular tube size are also available, starting from 8mm ID and up. For precision cutting with ease, the Push Type Cutter proves to be an indispensable tool for various industrial and professional tasks.

  • The Push Type Cutter can be driven with a Pneumatic or Electric drill motor.
  • The tool uses spring-loaded cutters, which are adjustable for depth and cut when pressure is applied during use.
  • The tool has a 6” cutting reach as standard (other lengths available on request).
  • Tools listed are 'Universal' tools and cover a range of thicknesses with interchangeable pilots.
  • Solid body tools, covering a specific tube size, are also available from size 8mm ID up (please enquire).


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