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TB1 Prepper: Efficient Tube-to-Tube Sheet Weld Removal and Bevelling

Versatile End Preparation Machine for Heat Exchangers and Welding Applications

The TB1 Prepper is a rugged, portable, machine designed for the removal of tube-to-tube sheet welds in heat exchangers.

This bevelling machine can also be used for facing and bevelling the ends of tube and pipe for general welding and fabrication processes.

Utilising a torque-reacted locking system and durable taper roller bearings, this end preparation lathe is highly stable.

The machine is supplied with hand-wheel feed as standard. A ratchet feed mechanism which is designed for weld removal applications where space may be limited is available as an option.

Comparison chart


TB1 Prepper - 0.63" to 1.5"

TB3 Prepper - 1" to 3.5"

Cobra 400 - 1.5" to 6.75"

Super Rocket - 3.5" to 12"
OD Bevel Range

0.6" - 1.5" (15-38mm)

1.0" - 3.5" (25-89mm)

1.5" - 6.75" (38-171mm)

3.56" - 12" (90-305mm)

ID Locking Range

0.6" - 1.125" (15-28mm)

1.0" - 3.0" (25-76mm)

1.5" - 6.3" (38-160mm)

3.56" - 11.75" (90-300mm)

Weight Pneumatic

9.2 Kg (20.3Lbs)

9.2 Kg (20.3Lbs)

13 Kg (29Lbs) - Machine

19 Kg (42Lbs) - Machine

Weight Electric

10.2 Kg (22.5Lbs)

10.2 Kg (22.5Lbs)

12 Kg (26Lbs) - Machine


Weight Battery

10.75 Kg (23.7Lbs)

10.75 Kg (23.7Lbs)



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