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Hydraulic Flange Spreader


A Hydraulic Flange Spreading Wedge with a combined hydraulic cylinder and pump unit.

The FSW17P flange spreading wedge can enter a flange joint access gap as small as 6mm and produce a maximum force of 326kN when used in pairs (as recommended) to push the mating faces of flanges apart. The FSW17P can create a gap up to 81mm between flange faces with the stepped blocks fitted facilitating the replacement of gaskets, seal rings, or other flange face maintenance and testing.

  • 100% load/pressure tested and certified
  • High durability, high quality and low maintenance design
  • Tool weight 8.5Kg
  • Max spreading force 163kN (326kN when used in pairs)
  • Spreading distance 6mm to 81mm when used with stepped blocks
  • Robust moulded case for easy transportation and storage

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