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Lightning 1⁄2" - 4 1⁄2"

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Standard Cutting Range 25mm ID To 115mm OD 1 " ID To 4 12 " OD
Optional Shaft 1 12mm ID To 19mm ID 12" ID To 34" ID
Optional Shaft 2 19mm ID To 25mm ID 34" ID To 1" ID
Cutter Feed 40mm 1 12"
Motor Power - Pneumatic 1500W, 2.0 Hp 6 Bar, 60 Cfm
Motor Power - Electric 670W, 0.9 Hp 110V or 240V
Machine Weight - Pneumatic 10 Kg 22 Lbs
Machine Weight - Electric 10.5 Kg 23 Lbs

Product Details:

Drawing on our vast experience in the production of tube bevelling equipment this machine offers several improvements over our previous equivalent machine (the Super Hornet).

A completely new pneumatic motor provides equivalent power and torque in a smaller, lighter package. A further benefit of this motor is a reduction in operational noise levels. The new motor, coupled with the revised throttle also allows the operator greater control over the machine’s cutting speed.

The machine is offered with a hand wheel feed mechanism as standard. This provides the operator with greater ‘feel’. When paired with the improved speed control this allows the skilled operator to ‘balance’ his cut to obtain the best possible finish in the minimum time.

The Cutter head design utilises modern work-holding technology to reduce the time needed to change cutters. This system also ensures optimum clamping of the cutter bit in any position within the head.

The machine utilises a torque reacted mandrel system which aligns and clamps to the internal diameter of the tube. As standard the machine is supplied with the mandrel system to cover 25mm to 115mm tube. Additional shafts are available to cover 12 to 19mm and 19 to 25mm.

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