Testing, Fabrication and Fit-Up

Clamps, Stands, Misc. Tube Tools & Ancilaries

Flange Spreaders are used in many industrial applications such as: Chemical; Petroleum; North Sea Oil and Food Processing as examples. They can in fact be used in any environment that requires safety, speed and reliability and have added benefits for being easy to use with a low spark risk.
The serration tools allow for the cutting of grooves in tube sheet holes. Cutting depth can be adjusted and if you require non-standard grooving configurations or if you need a tool for tube sizes up to 4" please contact us.
We supply and supply a number of stands and tools that are designed to facilitate pipe fabrication. As well as the Adjust-A-Roll we supply Flange Pins, Pipe Buggy's and more. For additional details download the PDF or contact us.
The Vacuum Leak Tester KVLD-3000 is a simple precise method of testing tubes in boilers, condensers and heat exchangers. It is the fastest most accurate means of locating leaky tubes.
Our Pipe Stand range are built to the highest quality. The Hi Pro-Jack has a number of head types depending on your weight requirement. We also supply more heavy duty stands should you require. Information on these can be found by downloading the PDF or contacting us.
The Tube End Facer is used for facing back the ends of tubes after expansion. It can be driven using a pneumatic of electric drill motor and uses various pilots to match guage thickness. Cutters are available for use on stainless steel.
We supply a variety of tube & pipe welding clamps suitable for a multitude of sizes and pipe sections including pipe-pipe, pipe-elbow, pipe-t section and pipe-flange. Our range includes the Ultra Clamp, Ultra Fit and the larger Clamp Champ. For more details download the PDF or contact us.