The JAVELIN is a compact and dependable Tube Pulling machine is designed for continuous and stub removal of tubes from Heat Exchangers, Condensers and Boilers. The Javelin has been designed for use where access is tight, but without compromising power or pulling capacity.

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Product Details

Using our tried and tested extraction system, The Javelin can pull tubes continuously from between 12.5mm OD. (½”) and 50.8mm OD. (2”) with a choice of 30 & 60 Ton pulling gun options.

Easily adapted for Stub Pulling, the JAVELIN uses simple attachments to remove tube stubs where access or tube diameter prevents continuous tube removal.

Whatever your working environment we have a Powerpack option to suit. We offer a choice of Electric Powerpacks in a range of voltages for workshop and low hazard areas, or a Fully Pneumatic Powerpack, designed especially for use in hazardous environments, like petrochemical refineries where spark risks are present.

The JAVELIN is truly versatile machine; essential equipment for contractors with tight access jobs or sample extraction, without compromising reliability and capacity.

Specification: Metric Imperial
Pulling Range Continuous 38mm OD To 51mm OD 1 1/2" OD To 2" OD